Patricia 18 { Teaser }

Patricia Pre-debut Film Teaser
We were supposed to do her pre-debut shoot in a certain place in Toledo but unfortunately no one knows the exact location going there. We ended up in a place where we were all mesmerized by the rock formation and the serenity of the place..added factor was the cutie baby goat..
Patricia did her thing in every set we did..Her mother Idah who was there would not want to look at her coz she would always get emotional–mothers love
We ended her pre-debut with full of laughter, fun and of course food..
Filmed by: Glen Ducante
Photographed by: Saltandbleach Intoit by Jeff Garban
HMUA: Kristina Henson
Mama: Idah Lendio-Divera
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Glendo & Jeany { Same Day Edit }

Rings, Leaves, Sands, Sea. In High or in Low tide forever by your side.
same day edit of Glendo x Jeany

Photographer >> Aying Salupan
Videographer >> Glen Ducante Wedding Films

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Arnel & Jancy { Same Day Edit }

so gloomy this day, high key color would be fitted to their love story…
please enjoy watching Arnel & Jancy same day edit video.

Coordinator >>Wedding Errands Cebu by Khendi Ramirez
Flowers >> Floral Touch by Chaty Archival
Videogapher >> Glen Ducante Wedding Films

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Gil & Jessica { Same Day Edit }

From Yoga poses to wearing a bee costume
From eating tabasco sauce down to assembling a puzzle
Gil did everything and passed them all as a tradition of asking permission from Jessica’s family and close friends–so he can ask her hand in marriage
Lets not forget about his supportive Grooms men who backed him up in all the stuff he did–way to go guys!
Let love fill the air as we welcome the love month with Gil and Jessica’s version of FOREVER..
Photographer // Rock Paper Scissors Photography by Jeffroger Kho
Videographer // Glen Ducante Wedding Films
Coordinator // Bliss Unlimited by Tisha Cue
HMUA // Vanessa T. Gamus
Flowers // Simple Wishes by Debbie Huang
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Joepet x Maggie { The Proposal }

Before the start of 2017 Joepet decided to asked Maggie the most intriguing question… Everyone was so anxious especially Joepet himself.

Will he get his YES?!

Let’s all find out and witness how Joepet proposed to Maggie…

Photographed by: Morning Halo Photography by Michael Zozobrado
Filmed by: Glen Ducante Wedding Films
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#destinationshoot #boljoon

Adelou and Clarissa { Engagement Session }

Picnic, Flowers, Grasses, Balloons, Love and Laughter this is how I described this two love birds Adelou & Clarissa!
P.S Please don’t forget the Cow {LOL}
#engagementsessions #prenuptial #weddingvideographer #glenducanteweddingfilms
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Francis & Carmille { Same Day Edit }

Roses are red Violets are blue, can you think of different ways you can use these popular love poems?
Francis the shy type person meets Carmille the witty, entertaining, loving, and sweet. Combine them in an epic love story.
Photographed by: Salt and Bleach intoit by Jeff Garban
Coordinated by: Snoogie Reynes-Mata
HMUA: Vanessa Gamus
Bouquet: Cuckoo Cloud Concepts by Gizelle Faye Sembrano – Bunagan
Filmed by: Glen Ducante Wedding Films
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Joseph & Mary { Same Day Edit }

I thought Joseph & Mary as couple can only be found in the bible but coincidently this couple inherited the holy name of the parents of our savior..

Destined for each other, they sought the blessing of the Almighty on the same month as to Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus..

With the help of their dear supplier in which coincidently have names that can be found in the bible starting with the Photographer Christopher Colinares Photography with there wedding Coordinator Joseph Bontilao.

PS: Don’t mind my name i’m only doing their same day edit video.

#glenducanteweddingfilms #weddings #weddingvideographer

Jah & Errol { Same Day Edit }

In a world full of trends. I want to remain classic!
A same day edit video of this two rockstar tying the knot…

Photographed by: Colinares Photography by Christopher Colinares
Coordinator: Abbysean Events by Floralyn Sevilla
#glenducanteweddingfilms #weddings #weddingvideographer